Facing a likely election loss due to his failed policies, HOA board candidate Joe Mikulka lashed out on Facebook earlier today.

Specifically, Mikulka announced his belief that if some of his neighbors in Stoneybrook say something happened … it didn’t actually happen unless he personally saw it.

Let me just cut-and-paste Mikulka’s own words so he doesn’t accuse me of being bogus, too: “When I first heard this story, I started to chuckle. I thought it was a joke! Then I thought that since it’s not April 1st yet, maybe it is not a joke. Where did this story come from? Who started it? Ionly know of a Stoneybrook Community Facebook site that is controlled by a SB Resident that has no affiliation with the HOA Board. I think she does a good job of standing back and letting people speak their mind. I may not agree with some of it but I have not seen anything deleted. Is there another facebook site that I do not know about? Until someone proves me wrong, this is a bogus story.”

In reality, millions of posts are deleted on social media each day without Mikulka’s knowledge.

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