Over the weekend I finally got around to submitting a records request to the Gateway Services Community Development District for the Lake Bank Restoration Project bid information.

Now I wish I hadn’t.

A summary of the winning bids has already been sent to me with the full bid packets coming later this week.

The two things that stood out to me right away were that three of the lakes only had one bidder, and that two of those lakes will cost Gateway residents over $1 million each to repair.

We’ll go over the lakes by their GSCDD-designated lake number.

The contract to repair Lake 86, which is in between Bristol Park and Cypress Cay, was won by Metro Equipment who came in with a bid of $744,713.96. That bid beat out Mettauer’s $774,124.00 bid.

Lake 87 was the only lake to have three bidders. The contract was won by Mettauer’s bid of $158,814.42 which was way lower than Metro’s $373,588.17 bid as well as TSI’s $528,190. It’s not clear why Mettaur’s bid was less than half the second lowest bidder, but I’m sure there’s nothing that can possibly go wrong with that bid. Lake 87 is encircled by Lake Cypress Loop in Cypress Cay.

In Gateway Greens, Lake 116 is an oddly shaped lake that borders some homes Venicia Drive, Lake Run Drive, White Pine Lane, Bent Pine Drive and a handful of homes on Mahogany Run. It is the largest of the five lakes that will be fixed during this phase of lake repairs and Metro Equipment was the only bidder at $1,159,998.50.

Like 118 also only had one bidder, this time Mettaur at $326,744.93. This lake is also in Gateway Greens and borders homes along Callaway Greens Drive.

Finally, good ol’ Lake 126.

Ed Tinkle was not a Supervisor on July 9, 2015. But on that date he addressed the GSCDD board about a custom repair to one back yard lot on Lake 126, stating: “There’s a lot of people saying ‘Man, if they’re doing that for Dave Harley I want that same level of effort.’ My guess is, and [former Supervisor] Rod [Senior] and I’s calculation, somewhere around 10 grand. For one lot.”

Ten grand… for one lot?

You wish.

The actual price tag will be $24,805.25 per lot in Walden Lakes. Plus materials.

Metro Equipment was the sole bidder for the Lake 126 contract, coming in at $1,066,625.91. That lake borders a total of 43 homes in Walden Lakes and on the other side of Venicia Drive.

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