According to Google Maps it’s 1.2 miles from one end of Stoneybrook to the other.

Now imagine if you’re having a group of friends over to watch a replay of the 1980 Stanley Cup finals, or your family is coming over for a birthday party, and your guests are forced to WALK a mile to your house from the community’s entrance.

Such is life in Stoneybrook where years ago the Home Owners Association somehow convinced the Gateway Services District to declare Stoneybrook’s roads too narrow to safely park on – thus instituting a street parking ban.

Currently, guests are forced to park at the clubhouse and walk to their destination.

The Gateway Sun (ie: me) measured the width of the roads within Stoneybrook at 12800 Ivory Stone Loop, 12471 Green Stone Court and 12422 Rock Ridge Lane. While professional civil engineers would likely correct me and say drainage systems need to be included in official street width measurements, I decided to measure ONLY the actual road asphalt.

Based on my “I know what part of the road I should actually drive on” measurement method, Stoneybrook’s roads are 20 feet wide.

I shared my measurements with the GSCDD board via email (they love hearing from me), and Supervisor Ed Tinkle called me the next day and stated that Gateway Greens roads are essentially similar to Stoneybrook’s.

Know who else’s roads turned out to be 20 feet wide when I entered their communities perfectly legally and measured them?


Hampton Park.

Devonshire Lakes


Now I did find that Waterford Village has 24 foot wide roads, but once I discovered that 6 out of 7 communities had 20 foot roads I stopped bothering to measure other places.

Street parking is allowed in all of those communities except Stoneybrook in some form or another.

In Silverlakes there are restrictions against parking on the streets between 2am and 6am. Tinkle said overnight street parking is only allowed in rare and exceptional circumstances, but daytime parking is always allowed in Gateway Greens.

While I obviously don’t want to jinx anything, I haven’t heard any stories about people frequently (or ever) getting hit by cars in any of those communities who allow street parking.

So how is it supposedly unsafe for street parking on Stoneybrook’s 20 foot roads, while at the same time being perfectly safe on Pinecrest’s 20 foot roads? Plus I’ve since been told that the majority of community roads in Lee County are 20 feet wide.

Stoneybrook’s roads, it turns out, are exactly average.

So to me it seems likely that it was the personal preference of some of the Stoneybrook HOA board members that was the root cause of the street parking ban in Stoneybrook. Not public safety.

The GSCDD has decided to re-examine its position on street parking in Stoneybrook. The topic is set to be addressed at the April 6 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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