Stoneybrook HOA President Paul Kielmeyer announced earlier this month that he would not be running for re-election to his HOA board. Based on the information we’ve gathered from multiple sources, it appears he was true to his word and is not on the list of candidates for the HOA elections taking place five weeks from now.

Perhaps Kielmeyer was worried about being the victim of the next “Pelican surprise”.

Here’s who I believe is running for the four available seats:

Lou D’Aliso
Margaret Fineberg – incumbent
George Flaherty – incumbent
Eric Galloway
Joe Mikulka – incumbent
Joe Lowe
Mike Swift

First of all, I would like to praise Kielmeyer’s wise decision not to run again. Things had devolved under Kielmeyer’s leadership to the point where the most recent HOA meeting almost had a fistfight.

Many residents will be glad to see Kielmeyer go. He did a lot of work for the Stoneybrook community, but he communicated poorly with the HOA board and things had become toxic between Kielmeyer and many residents.

True story: Several months ago I was sitting in the Stoneybrook offices with Mikulka and Stoneybrook’s CAM. Kielmeyer looked at me and took off down the hallway before I could speak to him.

Anyway, in Stoneybrook’s HOA elections the candidates do not target a specific seat. Since there are 4 seats up for election in 2017, the four candidates out of the seven that receive the most votes will win a seat.

If I was to make a prediction I would say that two incumbents and two newcomers will win.

My guess would be Fineberg, Mikulka, Galloway and Swift. But we’ll see.

The Stoneybrook HOA election will take place on April 3.

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