How many homes are there in Gateway, anyway?

Accompanying this article is a graphic from the Untied States Post Office’s website showing most of Gateway in blue and counting those homes. In that graphic there are 3,693 residential addresses accounted for.

The USPS offers this map tool to allow businesses to send bulk mail advertisements in a service called “Every Door Direct Mail”. Since it would be illegal for the post office to inflate the number of delivery addresses and charge companies for deliveries they do not intend to make, the count must either be correct, or (as I will demonstrate later in the article) too low.

There are six areas that are in gray that are not included in the USPS tally of the graphic shown. The Gateway Sun has determined the number of homes in each of those gray areas, which are:

1) Villages of Stoneybrook. 210 residences.
2) Gemstone Court and Weatherstone Place in Stoneybrook. 54 residences combined.
3) Magnolia Lakes. 116 residences.
4) Cypress Pointe. 124 residences.
5) Pinewood Lakes. 59 residences.
6) Hidden Links and Brassie Bend. 98 residences.

There are also two additional developments that are likely too new to be included in the EDDM program and are thus are not on the map at all.

7) Timberwood Preserve. 43 residences when completed.
8) Hammock Cove. 136 residences when completed.

Added together that means there are as many as 4,533 existing and soon to be built homes in Gateway.

Here’s where things get interesting.

The blue line indicated by letter “A” in the graphic is part of USPS carrier route 33913-R211, which states it has 632 mailing addresses that were included in the 3,693 total.

Since R211 also includes Daniel’s Preserve (215 homes), Timber Ridge (145) and Royal Greens (312) or a total of 672 homes we can actually add an additional 40 homes to the total bringing us to 4,573.

Also of interest, R190 contains 673 addresses in the Stoneybrook community. Only Gemstone Court (45 homes) and Weatherstone Place (19) are not included in that carrier route. Since there are 778 homes in Stoneybrook, that means that R190 is also short by 41 homes.

Now we’re at 4,614, and that also assumes none of the other USPS routes are too low due to new houses that were never added to the EDDM database.

But already we’re beyond the approved limit of 4,585 homes in Gateway without verifying the other 6 carrier routes in the graphic.

I don’t know whose job it is to know how many homes there are in Gateway, but before the Lee County Commissioners approve a plan to reduce the number of homes allowed in Gateway to 4,300 – someone might want to take the time to count how many homes exist already.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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