Business must be good at Gartner.

The technology analysis company plans on constructing a third large building at its campus near the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Daniels Parkway. Gartner also has a large block of office space at 12550 Professional Park Drive in Gateway for its Training Center.

If you’re familiar with the area you might be wondering where the new building will be located since there isn’t really any available land close by.

A source familiar with the project told the Gateway Sun that Gartner will build the new facility, which will have up to 600 employees, on what is currently their main parking lot.

Gartner will be setting up a large parking area across Daniels Parkway (possibly on the airport property) and the company will then provide shuttles from the new parking lot to Gartner’s buildings.

It isn’t an ideal situation to have a constant stream of shuttles crossing Daniels Parkway, but that’s the price of progress in Gartner’s case.

No official announcement from Gartner has been made about the new building.

We first reported on this possibility in July.


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