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With the newly-named Bonita Springs High School becoming a reality, Lee County School District officials are turning their attention to the next high school project which will be built in either Gateway or Alva.

In Gateway, the potential school would be built on the 55-acre plot of land owned by the LCSD which borders SR-82 as well as Griffin Drive. In Alva, the school district owns a 102-acre property at the corner of Joel Boulevard and Tuckahoe Road.

Beginning next month, LCSD advisory committees will begin studying the two sites with special attention paid to traffic and population patterns.

According to a report in the News-Press, a decision could be made as early as spring 2017.

June at the latest. So things could move quickly

Sources within the LCSD have previously told the Gateway Sun that both schools will eventually get built due to explosive population growth in the school district’s East Zone. However, while the first school could be built by 2019, there is no known projected timetable for a second school – meaning it could be over a decade depending on how circumstances develop.

The Lehigh Acres Community Council and a new group named ALVA Inc. are both poised to lobby the LCSD that Alva would be the preferable choice. In Gateway there is no organized effort as yet, however an online petition has so far gathered over 500 signatures in support of the Griffin Road site meaning there is considerable interest.

Some residents in Magnolia Lakes are vehemently opposed to a high school being built in Gateway, since they feel it would be too close to the community.

Fierce opposition in Bonita Springs caused years of delay for that project, and LCSD officials are hoping to avoid a repeat in either Gateway or Alva.

With the East Zone now front and center, the time has come for Gateway residents to organize a committee to communicate with the LCSD and to promote the Griffin Drive site as the next high school location.

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