The Gateway Services Community Development District will bid farewell to Supervisor Gary Neubauer (sad face) and Supervisor Pam Gill after today’s GSCDD board meeting.

Today marks the final district meeting after 8 years on the board for Neubauer and 4 years for Gill.

Neubauer will officially be replaced by Supervisor-elect Kathleen Flaherty on November 22, while Supervisor-elect Ed Tinkle will take Gill’s Seat on the board on that same date.

Both of the new Supervisors will be formally sworn in on December 1, which is the first GSCDD meeting after the November 22 transition date.

Articles from the formerly published Gateway Gazette yielded no specifics about anything Neubauer accomplished during his time on the board, and it appears the Gazette had suspended operations by the time Gill was elected.

In his final two years, Neubauer had ups and downs, making some solid decisions combined with some strange outbursts.

It was Neubauer who blasted the district for not being transparent enough, and not doing enough to keep the board apprised of what progress it was making on its specific projects.

But unfounded personal attacks on both GSCDD board Chairman William Guy and Supervisor Doug Banks put a stain on his final few months in office. And toward the end of his tenure he would only cast votes in favor of the interests of the retiree population that was clearly in his ear.

Looking for one main positive, Neubauer’s legacy should be that he frequently (as in – nearly every single meeting) pushed the GSCDD board and staff to actually accomplish tasks rather than kicking the proverbial can down the road in to perpetuity.

Neubauer was relentlessly critical of the district’s ability to paralyze itself. So if the GSCDD’s objective is to learn and improve, the new board and district staff should pay special mind to Neubauer’s preference for action over inaction.

Neubauer announced earlier this year that he would not run for re-election in 2016.

As for Gill? She was far less outspoken. In fact she could best be described as unspoken.

She never tried to push the district in any direction, choosing instead to weigh in and react to whatever her peers on the board were trying to get done.

In truth… it grew tiresome to constantly see a lack of initiative from Gill.

In reality… at least she never got the Gateway community in to any bad spots. Which is more than can be said for some other Supervisors from the district’s past.

It’s somewhat ironic that her replacement will be Ed Tinkle, of all people. Tinkle will be the polar opposite from Gill in their governing styles.

Looking back and again looking for positives it’s more than fair to say Gill was a steady hand. She was a calming influence, who always prioritized the interests of the district’s staff members.

Gill filed the necessary paperwork to run for another 4-year term, however she withdrew from the election in September.

We wish both Neubauer and Gill well and thank them for their service to the community.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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