Over 5,000 residents of the Gateway Services District headed to the polls yesterday, and most of them had probably never even heard of Margaret Fineberg.

But they knew exactly who George Huskamp was.

Huskamp campaigned hard. He went to “meet the candidates” forums in multiple communities, he had campaign signs all over town, and from what we heard he had a ground game and alliances in place that would ensure support from most of the retirees in Gateway.

Fineberg didn’t lift a finger.

And she never intended to.

Fineberg’s campaign filing specifically stated that she was not going to solicit donations or spend any money on her campaign. If Fineberg did head in to the community to meet people and shake hands, we never heard about it.

Apparently Fineberg figured she could coast to re-election based her previous accomplishments on the Gateway CDD board, where she serves as Vice-Chairman.

She was right. At least partly.

Fineberg secured 2,816 votes. Huskamp’s relentless work and countless signs earned him 2,187 votes – an amount that I will admit I never believed he could get. If you had told me Huskamp would receive over 2,000 votes I would have thought two things: 1) you were crazy; and 2) that Huskamp would win the election.

So what does it mean when a person who didn’t even try got elected over someone who gave it his all and got plenty of votes in his defeat?

It means that it was an election of values.

It was Gateway’s families sending a clear message to the GSCDD, definitively telling the Board of Supervisors what the community’s wishes are.

It’s a mandate.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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