As we head toward the finish line in what can only be described as an exhausting 2016 election season, we know that Gateway residents will have a new President, a new Congressman, and possibly (although unlikely) a new Senator.

This publication has left the national races to the traditional media outlets, while we have focused on the two Gateway Services District races.

Over the weekend we reached out to all five current members of the GSCDD Board of Supervisors and asked them if they would like to endorse anyone in the contest between incumbent Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg and Pinecrest resident George Huskamp for Seat 1 – or in the Seat 2 race, which is between Pelican Preserve resident Carol Stanley and Stoneybrook resident Kathleen Flaherty.

Nobody offered any full-blown endorsements, but we did receive responses from two Supervisors.

The first was a nonsensical one, in which a Supervisor couldn’t find his car keys or something along those lines. (You have one meeting left. Keep it together, Neubauer.)

The second was from Supervisor Doug Banks, who wrote: “If you were to ask me I would say it’s about keeping positive momentum. The current board are finally moving in the right direction, creating a foundation for improvement and change. Margaret [Fineberg], Bill [Guy] and myself are core components for this continued path. With Ed [Tinkle] and the fifth member I believe great things can happen. If that structure changes I’m not sure if that momentum would endure.”

Bill Guy is the chairman of the GSCDD board, while Ed Tinkle will become a board member on November 22 in Seat 3.

It’s no surprise that Banks would support Fineberg over Huskamp. In watching recent GSCDD meetings and studying Huskamp, it’s clear to me that Banks’ vision of Gateway would be largely unrecognizable to Huskamp and vice versa.

Banks is raising a young family, Huskamp is a retiree. It’s only natural that their priorities would be completely different.

If anything, the election has stalled the district’s progress to some degree, but the larger point made by Banks is accurate. In nearly two years of watching and analyzing the GSCDD board, I can attest that they have created positive momentum in recent months.

Banks obviously feels that swapping out Fineberg for Huskamp would take the community in an entirely different direction.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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