The results are in from the poll of Gateway Sun readers that we conducted for the November 8 election of GSCDD board Seats 1 and 2.

This poll was unscientific, and quite frankly the poll size was so small that the margin of error is astronomically high. Basically what I’m saying is, consider the results for entertainment only.

We did have quite a few identified attempts at cheating, including one person who voted 6 times.

How I chose to handle multiple votes was if ALL of the votes cast were identical then I kept ONE of the votes in the results because I assume that is how that person would vote on election day.

If the person mixed their votes in either race then I tossed all of that person’s votes, which did happen.

Drumroll please…….

In Seat 1, the poll winner was Margaret Fineberg with 58% of the vote compared to George Huskamp’s 42%. When the poll began it was all Fineberg, and then as the poll progressed more and more Huskamp supporters showed up.

In Seat 2, the poll was a dead heat on Thursday. I mean it was 50/50 all day, but then on Friday Kathleen Flaherty’s supporters showed up in force and Flaherty ended up winning the poll by a 62% to 38% vote over Mary Carol Stanley. I believe someone spread the word to vote in the poll on behalf of Flaherty on Friday morning (due to heavily lopsided but all valid voting) and that’s what sealed the deal.

Nearly all of the cheating occurred in the Seat 1 race.

I cannot stress enough that the poll size and the nature of the poll make the results pretty much invalid by professional polling standards. But nevertheless, these were the results of the poll.

Thank you to all who participated.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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