The on-again off-again arrival of a quick-serve Mexican restaurant named Bunfire appears to be on-again in Gateway, according to multiple sources.

We have confirmed their exact location, and while we have been asked to keep it a secret for now you can find it yourself on Bunfire’s Facebook page, which is

They currently offer a $99 special where you can get 1 burrito, or 5 soft tacos per day for a year. And if you make this purchase yourself and also refer three friends, the company says you get 1 burrito or 5 soft tacos per day for life, says the company.

That promotion ends tomorrow, however.

Bunfire has been opening locations across Southwest Florida rather quickly. There may be others locations, but so far there are Bunfires open at 14102 Palm Beach Blvd, 1625 Kismet Pkwy E in Cape Coral and at16971 Alico Mission Way.

The company also says they’ll be opening a location in Brandon, Florida in November.

The exact date they’ll open in Gateway is not yet known.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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