It appears as if there may be a political alliance in place between certain social circles within the Gateway Greens and Pelican Preserve communities.

Apparently Pelican Preserve will support George Huskamp in his election bid for GSCDD Seat 1 in exchange for Gateway Greens supporting Carol Stanley’s efforts to win Seat 2.

Evidence of the deal was seen last week when a few Gateway Greens residents got a little too excited about their new BFFs – and the residents altered some flyers of Stanley’s opponent and stuck them on mailboxes in Gateway Greens.


Carol Stanley will already enjoy widespread support in Pelican Preserve, where she lives. Backing from Gateway Greens would go a long way to securing a victory. It’s very easy to see why Pelican Preserve would go along with this.

Likewise, as a result of this arrangement Huskamp will now also enjoy support from both the Gateway Greens and Pelican Preserve communities.

But George Huskamp doesn’t live in Gateway Greens. He lives in Pinecrest.

So who from the Gateway Greens community would stand to benefit the most from this?

What future opportunities would this alliance create, if successful?

And who’s being played like a fiddle?

We’ll have more tomorrow.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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