This article will be deliberately short, and there won’t be much more to say after it.

A small group of former, current and potential Supervisors caused a ruckus last week in regards to the Sherman Soccer Complex. Despite the fact the GSCDD board had passed a resolution to support the soccer fields and youth leagues, once the election took place a new board could reverse that stance.

But … all is well.

Supervisor-in-waiting Ed Tinkle (who will claim Seat 3 on the board in November) told me over the phone just moments ago that he will vote to replace the field lights, and he expressed his frustration that this topic was front and center when there are other problems the community needs to be discussing.

(For example, the master irrigation line to homes in Walden Lakes was shut off and yet some irrigation water meters still kept spinning. We’ll have a meter project update early next week.)

With Tinkle, Chairman William Guy and Supervisor Doug Banks all assuredly voting in favor of the fields/lights/leagues, that means the new board that’s in place after the November elections will vote in favor regardless of who the other two Supervisors are and how they vote.

Thanks to those three gentlemen, we can leave this topic in the past for the next few years at least.

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