George Huskamp must be confused.

He’s supposed to be campaigning against Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg, but instead he has his sights set on Supervisor Doug Banks.

Huskamp, who is running against Fineberg for Seat 1 of the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District, was the person who falsely told Supervisor Gary Neubauer that Banks was making money off of youth sports programs in Gateway.

The Gateway Sun has verified that there is no truth to the accusations.

Banks is not up for election, so why would Huskamp make up stories about Banks and feed them to Neubauer?

This is a guess, but I believe it’s because Neubauer and Huskamp would like to freeze Banks out of being able to vote on matters relating to the Sherman Soccer Complex. There is a small faction within Gateway (and for some reason, within Pelican Preserve even though they don’t pay any money for the fields) who would like to see costs at the soccer fields reduced, specifically by not replacing the field lighting.

If Huskamp was right (which he’s not) that a Supervisor profited off youth sports, then that Supervisor would have an inherent conflict of interest and should not be allowed to cast a vote on replacing the lights.

The Sun is going to look at available demographic information about the Gateway community and report it. That way, hopefully, the Supervisors and the amenity-haters will finally understand that Gateway is not a retirement community.

Gateway has residential areas, three schools and several daycares, a commercial business sector, retail outlets, four restaurants, businesses who provide karate and dance classes, and community amenities.

If you want to live in a retirement community and still be part of the GSCDD… they’re building new homes in Pelican Preserve as we speak.

The good news for Gateway families is that with Banks and Chairman William Guy you have two Supervisors who will be on the board until 2018 that understand what Gateway is and where Gateway is going.

Fineberg is on the same page as Guy and Banks when it comes to the community’s future. You should vote for her this November if you want someone who will support community growth and someone who sees value in amenities.

Huskamp is the candidate you will want to vote for if you would prefer a Gateway that spends less on amenities, or if you want the soccer and flag football leagues to leave Gateway. I say that because Huskamp is against replacing the field lights, and both leagues have told the GSCDD they would be forced to leave Gateway or shut down if there were no lights.

Make no mistake: I am not suggesting you vote for Fineberg. The Vice-Chairman refuses to respond to any questions posed by this publication. I cannot support a Supervisor who doesn’t answer valid questions. What I am doing is explaining that if you want a Supervisor who values amenties, vote Fineberg. If you want someone who wants to reduce the money spent on amenities, vote Huskamp.

Neubauer will be leaving the GSCDD board in November 2016. He has just 3 meetings left as a Supervisor.

Neubauer will be replaced by either Carol Stanley or Kathleen Flaherty after this November’s election.

We have not yet spoken to Flaherty to find out what her thoughts are on the future of Gateway.

We have spoken at length to Stanley. She has no positions on anything.

Neither Neubauer or Huskamp responded to our request for comment for this story.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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