We examined precinct-level data and found that Gateway residents voted along the same lines as the rest of Lee County, with one notable exception.

That exception was clearly not the Republican primary for Lee County Sheriff where incumbent Mike Scott defeated candidate Stephanie Eller in a landslide. Scott received 85.15% of the vote county-wide, compared to Eller’s 14.85%.

In Gateway the results were nearly identical, as Sheriff Scott got 84.92% of the votes while Eller received 15.08%. Next up for Scott is this November’s election against James Didio.

All three Lee County School District board races that Gateway residents could vote in yesterday will be headed to run-off elections this November.

In District 2 (where Gateway is located), incumbent Jean Dozier will face off against Melissa Giovannelli. Gateway voted in step with the rest of Lee County, however it was a bit of a surprise that Giovannelli came out ahead of Flores, who had been endorsed by the News-Press.

As expected, in the newly-created county-wide District 6, Her Royal Highness Jane Kuckel received the most votes in that race with 42.83%. Kuckel will compete in a run-off against Don Armstrong (26.45%) this November. Once again, Gateway’s choices matched the rest of the county.

The race where Gateway was out of step with Lee County was LCSD District 7, which is also a newly-formed county-wide seat.

Cathleen Morgan officially won the county-wide race with 32.68% of the vote in the 5-person field.

However, in Gateway, Chris Quackenbush received the most votes with 34.87% compared to Morgan’s 27.83%.

Since Morgan and Quackenbush were the two highest vote-getters but neither received more than 50% county-wide, the two candidates will face each other in the November run-off.

Quackenbush, as we noted in an article yesterday, is the candidate who is most likely to fight against building a new high school in Gateway. Perhaps the Gateway electorate was sending a message?

In the Republican primary for United States Senate both Lee County and Gateway voted for Marco Rubio, who had been challenged by Carlos Beruff, Ernie Rivera and Dwight Mark Anthony Young (1 person).

Gateway and the rest of the county also voted for Francis Rooney for Congressional District 19 over Chauncey Goss and Desperate Dan Bongino. I guess all those commercials worked since I have come to believe that’s Bongino’s actual name.

There were no primary elections that took place yesterday with respect to the Gateway Services CDD races for Seats 1, 2 and 3.

The general election will be held November 8.

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