The Vice-President of the Silverlakes Home Owner’s Association announced on August 25 that their HOA board will be re-evaluating its procedures for issuing fines and warnings.

The HOA was on the receiving end of the some nasty criticism after it was reported that nearly 1 in 5 residents of Silverlakes had received a fine during a one-month period earlier this year.

One man said that something was “VERY ROTTEN” with the “crooked association”, going so far as to compare the Silverlakes HOA to a former German regime that ruled that country from 1920-1945.

“We will be looking into how the fining will be done and may change the structure of how warnings and fines will be given,” said HOA VP P.J. Stratton.

Stratton also noted that the HOA recently forgave one resident who was fined by Statewide Security last month for putting his trash out too early. That resident had forgotten trash day would be pushed out due to the July 4 holiday.

The Silverlakes HOA has easily been the most aggressive association in Gateway, so it should be welcome news to residents there that the board members who walk around with the clip-boards will be a little more sensible in the future.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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