It all started with 5 people in 2013.

Back then the Affordable Care Act was just coming in to focus and Alta Resources saw an opportunity to help people find health insurance plans that were right for them.

So the Neenah, Wisconsin-based company leased out the facility at 12600 Gateway Boulevard and tasked those five people with building a team that would operate a fully functional call center within a year.

Alta burst on to the scene in 2014 announcing they would be hiring up to 1,000 people to work seasonal jobs at their Gateway location. When open enrollment ended, of course, most of those employees were let go – as they were told they would be from the start. But Alta saw a bright future for their Gateway operation and expanded their year-round staff from 5 people to 115 that year.

They repeated the same formula in 2015 and hired hundreds for the open enrollment period, and that time around they doubled the year-round staff to 229.

With a solid team already in place, and a better understanding of the health care market, their summer hiring blitz will only be 300 seasonal staff in 2016, but the company says that by the end of August they will have 378 year-round employees working in Gateway.

“We knew from the start that this office would eventually have two types of positions – a new group of seasonal employees each year for a limited term to support our clients’ annual open enrollment needs in customer service and licensed sales, and eventually, if we performed well, year-round positions for ongoing member service,” said Paul Makurat, Managing Director for Alta in the Fort Myers area.

When asked why their seasonal hiring will be dropping from 1,000 in 2014 to only 300 in 2016, Makurat explained: “The number of seasonal employees we hire each year is different as it depends on market changes in the Affordable Care Act and the annual strategy and corresponding business needs of our clients. In addition, more seasonal employees were needed in the early years due to the longer enrollment period then and the newness of the program … These employees are hired knowing these positions are seasonal. We offer completely flexible schedules, which is attractive to college students and others balancing multiple responsibilities.”

It also makes sense that when you have 5 people, you would need to hire more seasonal workers then when you have a base staff of 378.

Not to mention that Alta has much more experience under their belt, so they can likely do more with less people than they could in their first year.

If you are interested in working for Alta, they’re hosting a job fair on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 12451 Gateway Boulevard (the old Sony building).

According to a press release from the company: Alta hiring professionals will be available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for immediate, one-on-one interviews, as well as to answer questions and provide information about the company. If unable to attend the Job Fair, interested candidates can apply online at or stop by any time during regular business hours for a walk-in interview.

Going from 5 year-round employees to nearly 400 in just three years is no small feat, and proves that Alta has big plans for its operations in Gateway. In addition to its campuses in Neenah and Gateway, they also have facilities in Brea, California and Pasig City in the Philippines.

“We fully expect our Fort Myers operations, particularly our available year-round positions, to continue to thrive and grow. Alta Resources is committed to Fort Myers, and we look forward to being a part of the community for years to come,” said Makurat.

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