Several sources who are familiar with Gartner (but who are most likely not familiar with each other) have told the Gateway Sun that the technology analysis company is looking for a fourth facility in Gateway.

As everybody knows by now, Gartner has two buildings near the corner of Gateway Boulevard and Daniels Parkway. And as first reported by the Sun, the Gartner Training Center was recently opened within walking distance of the main buildings.

Details are scarce regarding the fourth location, but our sources would be in a position to have the information so we’re running with it.

There is plenty of commercial space available in the general vicinity that Gartner could take over, just like they’re doing with the Training Center. Building a brand new building close by would be trickier.

Gartner provides business intelligence services to large companies. They use a subscription-based revenue model whereby a company pays them tens of thousand of dollars per year, then Gartner’s employees gather relevant information and data about current and future trends in their customer’s line of business.

Predictions made by Gartner are widely studied by business executives around the globe.

For example, Gartner announced on Thursday that they believe the “cloud shift” will account for over $1 trillion in spending by 2020.

Whatever that means.

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