Tomorrow’s the big day for Smash Fitness Gateway and owner Breantt Wollis!

The new concierge commercial gym, located at 13130 Westlinks Terrace – Suite 1, will be hosting their soft opening and begin offering memberships on Wednesday, June 15. The official Grand Opening is July 1.

Believe me, this place has first-class everything.

When you walk in to Smash Fitness the first thing you’ll see on your right will bring a smile to moms and dads everywhere: a free child care center!

Child care begins on June 27, and it will be open from noon until 8pm, Monday through Friday. It’s free for up to 3 children while you work out, and then $2 per additional child.

As you walk forward in to the main gym area you’ll see a Protein Bar on your right, I estimate about one hundred free weights on your left, and straight ahead you have every piece of fitness equipment you could ever want to work out with.

Last week when I toured Smash Fitness, the exercise bikes and stair climbers had never been used and it felt like they were just waiting to get people in shape. The array of equipment is all top notch, and to be honest Smash Fitness had some impressive looking work-out gear available that I had never even seen before.

“I couldn’t open something second-rate in a great community like Gateway,” explained Wollis.

They have treadmills, bench pressing stations, a huge yoga room where (when there aren’t classes going on) you can use exercise balls and even a hockey net with a “one-timer” machine – a piece of equipment that will repeatedly pass you a floor hockey ball and you practice slapping it in to the net with a hockey stick without stopping the ball first.

The men’s changing room contained probably 5 showers, a large number of lockers, and the whole thing looked like it belonged in a top-notch country club.

During the tour I couldn’t help but think that a membership at Smash Fitness was going to be pricey. But when Wollis handed me the price sheet I was pleasantly surprised. Memberships start at only $37/month and if you wanted to test out the place with no commitment, $20 gets you a one-week membership.

And actually, you can get a 1-year membership for $418 which equates to just $34/month. A 1-year membership for couples would be only $69/month. So it’s certainly priced right and they offer packages with and without commitments.

Wollis also offers a 10% discount to all active or veteran military personnel, as well as 10% off for first responders (police, fire, EMT) and seniors.

Look, the government calculates that it costs $0.51 per mile to operate a vehicle, so if you’re currently driving 20 miles round-trip to a gym in Fort Myers a few times each week, you could actually SAVE money by signing up with Smash Fitness Gateway.

As of today, Smash Fitness is an advertising partner of the Gateway Sun. Therefore you might think “well of course they’re going to give a glowing review”. So what you need to do is not take my word for it and definitely go check it out for yourself.

You will immediately realize that I’m not kidding or exaggerating at all when I say this is a top of the line gym and it will be a huge addition to the community.

We always say we need to support local Gateway businesses. Well here’s one that’s going to provide a quality facility, a much needed service … and, it’s not something that you immediately think about but Wollis has just created 11 jobs in Gateway as well.

Smash Fitness will be open from 5:30am until midnight, 7 days per week.

Again, they’re located at 13130 Westlinks Terrace – Suite 1, right across from Gateway Charter Elementary.

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