For candidates who are interested in being elected as Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District, the deadline to file the appropriate paperwork with the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office is June 24, 2016.

As expected, current Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg and Supervisor Pamela Gill both recently filed to seek re-election.

Fineberg is seeking re-election in Seat #1 on the five-person board, while Gill is seeking another term in Seat #3.

All GSCDD board members are elected to 4-year terms.

Seat #2, currently occupied by Supervisor Gary Neubauer, is up for election in November as well. However it is believed that Neubauer will not be running again.

Meanwhile, Seats #4 and #5 are not up for election until 2018. They are occupied by Chairman William Guy and Supervisor Doug Banks respectively.

Fineberg is a polarizing figure in GSCDD politics with a seemingly equal number of supporters and detractors as far as we can tell. She has taken some positions which this publication has been animated in supporting, and others which we have blasted mercilessly.

Gill, on the other hand, won her 2012 election by a landslide but has done nothing┬ánotable with the opportunity awarded to her by the district’s residents.

The only other candidate that has made their intentions known to the public is Ed Tinkle.

Tinkle will wait until the last moment to file his paperwork. He told the Gateway Sun months ago that he wanted to be able to pick his opponent to run against, but it’s more likely he’s concerned about other candidates choosing to specifically run against him.

The election will be held on November 8, 2016.

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