The last time a Supervisor quit was in 2009, and back then only two people declared they wanted to the job.

This time around there are a whopping six people who have stepped forward.

In addition to Doug Banks, Delores Linscott and George Huskamp who had previously revealed their interest, in the past few days three new candidates have told the Gateway Services Community Development District that they think they’ve got what it takes to sit on the Board of Supervisors.

At the GSCDD meeting on May 5, the four current Supervisors will hold a vote between them to hand-pick a fifth person to sit on their board. Seat #5 has been vacant since April 8, when Rod Senior resigned his position.

The three new candidates are 2014 election loser Peter Doragh, retired Connecticut teacher Kathleen Flaherty, and Rebecca Tinkle’s husband, Ed Tinkle.

Doragh is a former Supervisor who actually was the GSCDD Chairman in the past.

Ed Tinkle is the current President of the Gateway Greens HOA and is somehow still on the Gateway Golf & Country Club board despite the fact he’s exceeded the term limits.

And Flaherty is … new to Gateway, and … well … let’s see… okay, she’s the founder of the Stoneybrook Women’s Club.

In other news, Stoneybrook has a Women’s Club.

With all due respect to Flaherty and Huskamp, they won’t be given any serious consideration when they make their pitch to the board this coming Thursday.

Ed Tinkle, for his part, will literally be wasting his breath. He has no shot.

And we all love Delores, and she’s done great things for Gateway, but in the end this will be a two-person race between Banks and Doragh.

Of the four Supervisors, the most interesting vote to watch will be Supervisor Pam Gill. I believe she will support Doragh’s candidacy, but at the same time I also believe her Seat represents Bank’s best chance to win in a November election.

There will probably be a crowd of people vying for Supervisor Gary Neubauer’s Seat on the board this November. Vice Chairman Margaret Fineberg will have strong support and I predict she will campaign well. Meanwhile Chairman William Guy’s Seat isn’t up for election until 2018.

That leaves Gill’s Seat as the best target for Banks. I have a gut feeling Doragh and Gill spoke before Doragh decided to step forward, but if I was Gill I would help plant Doug Banks squarely in Seat #5 and tell Doragh “sorry, the residents of Gateway spoke two years ago.”

But more than anything else … the selection of the new Supervisor will tell us which direction the board wants to lead the district. That’s what makes this vote so important.

Do they want to turn to the past and bring back Doragh to the board?

Or do they want to energize the GSCDD with some new blood and select Banks?

It’s old versus new. It’s past versus future.

Which direction will the GSCDD board lead Gateway?

We’ll find out on Thursday.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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