A third candidate has emerged to full the vacant seat of the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District.

Pinecrest resident and former Navy engineer George Huskamp announced his candidacy, joining Stoneybrook resident Doug Banks and Gateway Greens resident Delores Linscott.

Huskamp has lived in Gateway for 17 years and has been a fixture at GSCDD meetings for many of those. He has also served on his HOA board, and says that his priority as a Supervisor would be to either replace Mainscape as Gateway’s landscaper, or to find ways to work with them to drastically improve their service.

Huskamp successfully battled the GSCDD board to have the large patch of district-owned land just beyond his back yard mowed. Although Huskamp says the mowing service isn’t perfect, it’s better than it used to be since the district used to permit the grass to grow over a foot high.

Since moving to Florida, Huskamp has worked for several companies including Cracker Barrel, Coldwell Banker, Sbarro Pizza and Benchmark Home Mortgage.

Prior to relocating here from Erie, Pennsylvania, Huskamp owned and operated his own large restaurant for 26 years.

While in the United States Navy, Huskamp served aboard the USS Bigelow, ascending to the position of the ship’s Chief Engineer. Huskamp says that experience, along with overseeing several of his restaurant expansions, has given him tremendous insight in to working with contractors – a skill he says he would put to good use as a Supervisor.

Huskamp told the Gateway Sun that he’s worried about the geographical make-up of the GSCDD bard.

“With two Supervisors residing in Pelican Preserve and two supervisors residing at the north end of Gateway Boulevard I believe there should be a voice on the board for residents who reside south of the Gateway Commons Pool,” Huskamp said.

Chairman William Guy and Supervisor Gary Neubauer live in Pelican Preserve, Vice Chairman Margaret Fineberg lives in Stoneybrook and Supervisor Pamela Gill lives in Hampton Park.

Huskamp has officially filed his application to join the board with the GSCDD. The vacancy was created when Rod Senior resigned.

It is widely believed the GSCDD board will choose Senior’s replacement at the May 5, 2016 board meeting.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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