Mark my words: Doug Banks will be on the Board of Supervisors in 2016.

The only question is whether Banks will chosen at an upcoming GSCDD meeting by the four remaining Supervisor to fill the vacancy created when Rod Senior resigned from the board, or whether Banks will win a seat in November’s election.

Banks told the Gateway Sun via email that he plans to run if he does not get picked by the Supervisors.

While Banks didn’t intend to create any political problems for the sitting Supervisors, he unwittingly has.

Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg, Supervisor Gary Neubauer and Supervisor Pamela Gill are all up for re-election in November. Based on the tsunami of public and private support for Banks on our Facebook page and in my email inbox, Banks could honestly be the most popular man in Gateway.

I know plenty of people who would say bad things about Fineberg, Neubauer, Gill and especially about me.. but I have not found anyone who would say anything negative about Banks.

So if you’re one of the Supervisors who’s up for election again and you plan to run for another term, do you really want to run against Banks? Because you will lose.

If you’re those Supervisors, why not just give Seat #5 to Banks and get rid of an election opponent? It’s the smart political play, and it also happens to put a person on the board who is perfect fit to be a Supervisor both “on paper” with his resume as well as personality-wise with his demeanor and approach to finding solutions within a group. It’s a win-win.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re not planning on running again then you can make your decision without any political consideration. You could not make a mistake choosing Delores Linscott, but the board could use the perspective of someone who is currently raising a family in Gateway.

The other effect Senior’s resignation created was that it minimized the potential impact that resident Ed Tinkle could have on Gateway if he successfully runs for the board.

With Senior and Tinkle working together in tandem, who knows what decisions they would have implemented.

Senior worked 40 hours per week in his Supervisor role despite only being paid $400 per month. Tinkle puts in a ton of his time and effort on district matters as well, and he doesn’t get paid at all.

I have generated more revenue covering the GSCDD than all of the Supervisors have made combined by managing the GSCDD since we launched. My goal is to to grow the audience with quality, entertaining and sometimes useful content.. and hey, if you happen to be hungry….. Or if you happen to need your hair done by Gateway’s most talented hair designer …….

My point is I have a reason for doing this. But why in the world does Tinkle spend so much time and energy on the district’s matters? Why did Senior spend 40 hours a week for a hundred bucks? Why does Tinkle work so hard for free?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

But a future Supervisor Tinkle would face the same problems as Senior did: Tinkle is not liked by the other Supervisors.

So anything major or meaningful Tinkle wanted to do, or whatever private goals he would join the board with would face immediate opposition just because of the way he treats everybody.

Does Tinkle really want to bang his head against the wall every 2 weeks? Senior realized it was pointless for him and he quit. Now that Senior is gone, Tinkle would not have a single ally on the board.

Having either Banks or especially Linscott in Senior’s seat wouldn’t help matters for Tinkle. Banks is neutral on Tinkle, but Banks doesn’t seem gullible enough to fall for Tinkle’s approach of using over-your-head engineering warnings to get what Tinkle wants. As for Linscott, well.. Linscott absolutely hates Tinkle’s guts. She would vote against Ed purely out of spite. Every single time.

Tinkle has no doubt put a great deal of thought in to what he would do if he was elected to the Board of Supervisors. In his own mind, he would do great things for Gateway. But unless there are radical changes to the board this November, or a complete 180 in Tinkle’s personality, Ed will need to decide if he wants to spend the next 4 years being the smartest man in Gateway that nobody cares to listen to.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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