Things got out of hand at the April 7, 2016 meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District.

The emotionally charged meeting resulted in Supervisor Rod Senior resigning the following day.

Toward the end of the meeting, the Supervisors were questioning why Gateway resident Ed Tinkle would take it upon himself to contact the employer of an individual who applied for a position with the GSCDD staff.

The problem is that the candidate had not given the GSCDD permission to contact his boss yet, so for Tinkle to contact the candidate’s boss probably put the potential hire in an awkward position.

Supervisor Pam Gill explained to Tinkle that he may have created a liability issue for himself.

Tinkle shrugged off Gill’s point, and explained that he was within his rights as a resident to vet the district’s job candidates.

Chairman William Guy, Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg and Supervisor Pamela Gill took the position that individual residents don’t really need to be conducting hiring-related functions on behalf of the district.

Supervisor-at-the-time Rod Senior stood up for Tinkle and asked the Chairman, “We have a guy here who lives in Gateway who’s been a professional engineer all his life… Why not involve Ed in the selection process?”

“Because he’s proven to me –”, Guy began to reply.

“Well he’s proven to you, but you’re only one person on the board, Bill,” interjected Senior.

Tinkle threatened the Supervisors who didn’t agree with him by saying, “Wait ’til November, boys! Wait ’til November.”

Tinkle has announced he will run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors in the November 2016 elections.

Guy finished his point to Senior about Tinkle being part of the hiring process, saying, “[Tinkle] has proven to us that he doesn’t have what it takes to do that.”

Senior responded, “Well I don’t agree with you.”

Guy shot back, “Well I don’t agree with you.

Tinkle again stated, “I guess we’ll wait ’til November 8th guys.”

A visibly agitated Guy turned to Tinkle and said, “Why don’t you sit down?”

A cocky Tinkle asked, “Is that an order?”

Supervisor Gary Neubauer looked to calm the situation. “Hey, Ed?”

Tinkle: “Thank you Gary.”

Tinkle returned to his seat.

Residents are within their legal rights to find out who has applied for jobs with the GSCDD. And even if the candidate specifically asks the GSCDD to wait before contacting their current employer, residents can go ahead and contact that candidate’s boss to ask questions.

But why would anyone do that?

In this situation, Tinkle contacted the current employer of someone who applied for a GSCDD position.

The current employer was unaware that his employee had applied for another job. Tinkle ended up alerting that employer, and most of the Supervisors and District Manager Calvin Teague aren’t pleased Tinkle did that.

That applicant has removed themselves from consideration for a position with the GSCDD.

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