Texas Senator Ted Cruz has set up a campaign office at 11922 Fairway Lakes Drive in Gateway. Cruz is running for the Republican nomination for President in the 2016 election.

The office on Fairway Lakes Drive will be used for volunteers who wish to help out the Senator’s campaign by making phone calls to potential donors and supporters ahead of the Republican primary in Florida on March 15.

The Sun spoke with one campaign staffer who first worked for the Cruz campaign in Nevada, and after that state’s caucus he was sent to help run the office in Gateway.

Cruz is currently in second place in the Republican race behind businessman Donald Trump. The Associated Press puts the current delegate count at 458 for Trump, 359 for Cruz.

To win the GOP nomination in the primary process, a candidate must secure 1,237 delegates ahead of the Republican National Convention which will take place July 18-21 in Cleveland .

Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich also remain in the race and have 151 and 54 delegates respectively.

Ironically, Florida has 99 delegates to award and it is a winner-take-all state. That means a Cruz victory in Florida would put him exactly even with Trump.

Voters in Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri all vote on March 15 as well.

For more information about Ted Cruz or his campaign please visit tedcruz.org.

This article is not a political endorsement. If any of the other candidates sets up an office in Gateway we will report that as well.

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