Navigating through Gateway has become a bit more challenging in recent weeks as the community’s main roads are being re-paved.

The road work was a requirement from Lee County in order for the Gateway Services Community Development District and real estate developer WCI to transfer ownership of Gateway Boulevard, Griffin Drive and Commerce Lakes Drive West to the county.

Lee County agreed those roads should become part of their traffic network.

In exchange for the short term pain, there will be some long term gain for Gateway residents. The GSCDD estimates that $19,000,000 will be saved over 30 years, meaning that (given the current number of houses in Gateway) each family will save about $150 per year.

Obviously more houses are being built, so that number will drop slightly over time. But it’s still a pretty good return on investment to put up with a couple of minutes of traffic days for a few months.

The main inconveniences are felt when Gateway Boulevard or Griffin Drive are reduced to one lane. However, the good news is that the work seems to be progressing rapidly.

The GSCDD owns 23% of the roads to be turned over, while WCI owns the other 77%.

Both entities awarded the paving contract to Pavement Maintenance LLC of Fort Myers.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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