The last time GSCDD Supervisor Rod Senior tried to make changes at the Gateway Commons Pool, half of Gateway showed up to protest his idea of adding user fees. The crowd applauded Chairman William Guy has he nipped Senior’s idea in the bud, squashing any idea of adding any additional costs for residents to use the pool.

At the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors on February 4, 2016, Senior will once again propose making a major change to the pool.

Senior and Operations Manager Scott Connell are expected to make a recommendation to the Board and residents that the district convert the pool’s heating source from propane to natural gas.

The change is expected to save Gateway residents $32,000 per year, with a one-time cost of $10,000 to make the conversion.

Solar power heating would save an expected $45,000 per year, however it would cost $80,000 to install and use up 3,500 square feet of available space for the solar panels. There is also some concern that the solar panels could be vandalized.

Connell and Senior also examined geothermal and electric heating, but the men determined that the quick payback (4 months) to the residents and low installation costs involved with natural gas were too good to pass up.

Natural gas is also incredibly reliable, according to the “Heating Options” report prepared by Senior to present at the next GSCDD meeting.

The topic has been considered for months by all involved, so it’s likely a decision will be made at the February 4th meeting.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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