It pays to be related to Ed Tinkle.


Several residents of Gateway Greens spoke with the Gateway Sun yesterday to express their concern that a relative of HOA President Ed Tinkle was hired to work as a security guard for the community.

Tinkle confirmed to the Sun that his relative had been working as a guard for a period of six months, and that Tinkle’s relative was being paid accordingly.

The reason this is even possible is because Tinkle and the rest of the HOA Board took over the Gateway Greens security operation last year. The HOA fired Kent Security and replaced them with a new organization they call Gateway Greens Access Control, staffing it with Gateway Greens residents and – evidently – a member of Tinkle’s family.

While I do know the identity of Tinkle’s family member, I’m choosing not to publish that information so that it doesn’t come up in Google searches and hurt future opportunities for this person. Also, Tinkle’s family member is no long with Access Control, so I’m not harming that person’s current position by posting this article.

I will just say it’s a direct relative of Ed Tinkle, and that Tinkle has told me that the family member involved was paid exactly the same hourly rate as every other guard.

Additionally, Tinkle said he was not involved in the hiring process.

“The Chairman of our Access Control Committee and our Access Control Manager were assigned the task of interviewing and hiring our guards. I was not a part of that process and in fact recused myself from any decisions on the hiring of our guards,” said Tinkle.

“We needed personnel, being a new operation, [the relative] was available and needed a job,” Tinkle explained.

It’s certainly possible that Access Control was having difficulty finding quality people to get the organization off the ground, and that Tinkle’s relative was actually part of the solution. But the issue for some residents is that a portion of the money they pay in HOA dues is going directly to a family member of the HOA President. The upset residents see it as obvious nepotism and feel it’s inappropriate for an HOA board member’s relative to be drawing a paycheck from the HOA.

Most board members of an HOA would go out of their way to make sure they could never be linked to even the slightest possibility that any of their association’s money is being used improperly. Tinkle either does not care about the optics, or he genuinely didn’t see why there might be an issue for some.

Tinkle is expected to run for the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District later this year.

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