It’s already pretty dark at night on Fairway Lakes Drive off of Gateway Boulevard, but it could be even darker if nobody steps up to pay for the lighting on that street.

Florida Power and Light is still investigating the situation, but it appears that the Gateway Greens Home Owners Association has been paying for the Fairway Lakes Drive street lights for years – possibly as long as a decade.

Apparently the lighting used to belong to real estate developer WCI, but at some point the billing shifted to Gateway Greens’ FPL account.

WCI is somehow involved? That’s hard to imagine.

Gateway Greens is in discussions with FPL about a refund.

Going forward it seems the two best options would be for the Gateway Services Community Development District to take over paying for the lights, or for the land owners on that street to form a Property Owners Association and they could pay.

However, when the GSCDD approached a few of the building owners about forming a POA they were not too keen on the idea, probably sensing that nothing good could come of it.

Nobody seems keen on taking responsibility for the lights, but the last people that should be paying are the residents of Gateway Greens. The GSCDD does pay for a number of street lights in Gateway, but in a commercial area like Fairway Lakes Drive the argument could be made that the property owners should pony up.

If we understand correctly, the approximate cost to operate the lights on Fairway Lakes Drive is about $500 per year.

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