At long last, the Florida Department of Education has released provisional grading results for the State’s public schools for the 2014-15 school year. The school evaluations had been delayed while legislators attempted to “validate” the scores.

The marks are not considered completely official, however it seems unlikely the DOE would release them if they expected to make major changes to the grading algorithms. The table below shows the percentage of students that passed in English and Math, along with the school’s expected grades. If you’re viewing this on a smartphone you may need to turn it sideways to see the full table.

School Reading Math School Grade
Gateway Elementary 61 75 B
Gateway Charter Elementary 56 60 B
Gateway Charter Middle 55 48 B
Gateway Charter High 47 29 C

While Gateway Charter High School’s numbers look very weak, when stacked against other East Zone schools they actually scored better than Dunbar, East Lee County High School and Lehigh Senior in English. Riverdale was the only high school in the zone that had a higher mark.

Math was a different story, however. Dunbar, Lehigh Senior and Riverdale all had better marks than Gateway Charter High. The only school with a lower mark in the East Zone was East Lee County High School.

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