HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING: Santa Claus will be coming to Gateway at 8:00pm tonight as part of the 8th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting event, taking place at the Sherman Soccer Complex. The celebration begins at 6:00pm and food and toy donations will be accepted at the concessions stand.

FORT ROCK: According to their Facebook page, the Fort Rock music festival held at jetBlue Park will be expanding from one day to two next year. On Monday, December 7, the concert promoters will be announcing the full line-up of bands that will perform. Many fans (including Mrs. Gateway Sun, who was our initial source for this information) have been eagerly awaiting the line-up reveal. The event will take place on April 30 and May 1 of next year.

BIRDS RETURNING TO SILVERLAKES: Good news…. With the littoral plants fighting back and regrowing in many places, I’ve definitely noticed a lot more bird activity in Silverlakes’ ponds. You may recall that as a result of pressure from the Silverlakes HOA, the GSCDD destroyed the aquatic plant life which in turn caused the birds to go elsewhere.

RED SOX SPRING TRAINING: A couple of news bits regarding the Boston Red Sox. The Major League Baseball club announced its full slate of spring training games, including 15 games at jetBlue Park. The Red Sox open by hosting the Minnesota Twins on March 2, 2016 and finish up the home schedule on March 28, 2016 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Also, the team announced that individual tickets for the games will go on sale beginning tomorrow, December 5th at 10:00am (hat tip, Please visit for more information.

GSCDD AUDIO/VIDEO EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS: Do you have any idea how hard it is to make the day-to-day business of the Gateway Services Community Development District sound interesting enough to read about? The job is much harder when the community is unable to monitor district meetings due to faulty broadcasting equipment. The GSCDD “upgraded” their system a few weeks ago, but since that time the meeting broadcasts have been largely unreliable. For that reason it’s been very difficult to monitor the district’s activities the past month or so. Under NO circumstances do we want anyone to believe the district is doing this on purpose, because they’re NOT. But the new tech guys need to get their system fixed, pronto. We have requested a comment from Chairman William Guy about this matter but so far have not yet heard back.

NEW PUBLIX: NBC-2 has advanced the ball in regards to information about the new retail plaza being built on airport property near the intersection of Gateway Blvd and Daniels Parkway. From NBC-2 …. “NBC2 confirms with Lee County that permits have been filed for a shopping center, also known as ‘Project Skywalk,’ including an unannounced Publix will be built in Gateway.” …. I guess we should remove the hyphen from their name? NBC2 also revealed that the development will be 46,000 square feet. Publix spokesperson Brian West told the Sun this past Tuesday that Publix still has nothing to announce. Here’s NBC2’s piece …

COMING UP: I believe next week could very well be the most interesting week of coverage in our short history. Be sure to check back!

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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