Florida Thatch palms aren’t as tall as Royal Palms, but I guess it’ll have to do.

Back in July, thirty-seven Royal Palm Trees outside the Stoneybrook Community were moved closer to SR-82 as part of the Road Turnover Project which will see Lee County take ownership of Gateway Boulevard, Griffin Drive and Commerce Lakes Drive West.

Since then, several groups have been tasked with coming up with a plan to determine what the medians where the Royal Palms once stood will look like in the future.

The Gateway Services Community Development District has released conceptual drawings by Mainscape and ENSITE.

Here’s what Mainscape came up with:


And now, ENSITE:



Ta daaaaa?

Let’s face it, nothing will be able to replace the Royal Palms. No matter what they come up with, it will be underwhelming in comparison to the Royal Palms. We just have to hope they can create something pleasant to look at.

And try to remember the $19,000,000 over 30 years that Gateway residents will save as a result of turning the roads over to Lee County. If that means having to look at Horizontal Cocoplum plants or whatever, then so be it.

According to one person, the GSCDD had been hoping for feedback from the community about the new look in the medians but so far it’s been a collective shrug. However, it’s not clear how many people are aware of these drawings.

Now that you’ve seen them, if you have anything you’d like to share with the district staff, please email them at customercare@gatewaydistrict.org.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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