Like many schools, De LaSalle Academy of Fort Myers hosts a number of fund raising events each year to help offset their operating costs.

This year De LaSalle would like to host its Annual Winterfest at the Sherman Soccer Complex on Griffin Drive in Gateway. The event would have food and craft vendors, bounce houses, and the main attraction: snow.

Yes, actual snow.

And sledding … on the actual snow.

When was the last time you went snow-sledding in Gateway?

The plan would be for De LaSalle to occupy two fields at the soccer complex on January 30, 2016. The remainder of the fields would remain open for resident use.

De LaSalle Director of Operations Bonnie Ross told the Gateway Services Community District that after Academy staff toured the Gateway facility, “we found it to be a wonder place to host our Annual Winterfest. Our Winterfest is the largest fundraiser we host to provide tuition assistance to students with disabilities.”

From Gateway’s point of view, any event that can showcase the community and bring people here would be a positive thing.

We can’t imagine the GSCDD Board would have any objections to Winterfest being held here, but presumably one issue is that normally the fields would have to be rented for $450 to host an event like this.

GSCDD Operations Manager Scott Connell has requested that the Supervisors agree to waive the fee based on the fact that De LaSalle Academy is a non-profit organization.

An answer is expected to be given to De LaSalle and Connell at the GSCDD meeting on Oct 1, 2015.

The Gateway Sun would support waiving the $450 field rental fee on the condition that Connell gets to go first.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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