I guess they’ll agree to disagree.

The HOA at Silverlakes sent a violation notice for my roof, saying that it needed to be pressure washed.

However, the man who showed up to pressure wash it this morning said that the roof was not in any need of pressure washing.

Let me repeat that.

The guy who washes roofs and looks at roofs all day, every day, said the roof did NOT need pressure washing. He specifically said that he did not understand why this roof would receive a notice of violation.

For those of you keeping score, it’s my third violation just since February 2015.

One for the roof, one for parking my car with one inch of my tire touching my own lawn, and one because my mailbox wasn’t clean enough.

That’s life in Silverlakes.

Unfortunately, it’s not just me. While the pressure washing professional was preparing his equipment, I began taking pictures for this article. That’s when another man walked by and said he also got a notice for his roof and that he felt his roof wasn’t bad at all.

The three of us stood there, looking at the roof, puzzled as to what the HOA representative saw that warranted a violation. The roof looked totally fine but I never questioned it until the pressure washer guy said something.

Being strict is all well and good. Taking your job seriously as the Silverlakes hall monitor is okay, too.

But to the people who are writing these notices on behalf of the HOA … please be correct when you’re going to write up notices that cost people money.

And yes, the roof was pressure washed anyway. Happy?

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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