We’re trying to find out what has Ivan Velez, who serves as Gateway’s Utility Director, “rather upset” with Fortiline Waterworks.

Velez made the comment at last Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, and then proceeded to complain that there’s some equipment missing that has to do with the new ‘smart’ water meter replacement project.

“According to our records there were only a few missing, now there is a lot of them missing. Where they are? Somebody disappeared them. And we are kind of debating that with [Fortiline],” said Velez.

The Sun reached out the GSCDD to confirm if the missing items are actual water meters, however we have not received a response yet.

Velez seems to be indicating that whatever’s missing – he thinks somebody stole it.

The water meter replacement program is the only project we’re aware of that the GSCDD is working on with Fortiline.

Once the GSCDD responds, we will update this story.

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