Give credit where credit is due, as they say.

The service from the security guards – er, I mean “Access Control” agents – at the Gateway Greens gate house has improved significantly.

The agents are much friendlier and are behaving more and more like the other gate houses in the area with each passing week.

It’s obvious the gate house staff and management have developed a completely different mindset about their role, and it’s working. It’s clear they’ve realized they work for and represent the residents of Gateway Greens and they’re doing a nice job.

Well done, everybody.

Meanwhile, over in Silverlakes …

… the HOA’s Finance Committee is wondering aloud if the residents are getting their money’s worth from Statewide Security.

Alliant employee and Silverlakes CAM Bonnie H-A-P-N-E-R assures residents that Statewide is providing adequate services for what they’re being paid. The HOA board apparently agrees with Hapner.

It’s no surprise the HOA enjoys working with Statewide since both groups share a zest for issuing notices and violations. In the period between June 1, 2015 and August 26, 2015 a total of 87 fines, tickets and violation notices were sent out. There are only 329 homes in the community.

But anyway, a document released by the HOA states that Statewide “cannot guarantee security with our open areas to our north and south. Statewide’s main concerns are [Silverlakes’] common areas, as well as violations and streetlights out.”

Silverlakes is also investigating adding traffic arms to the existing gates. As things stand right now, the gates open and close so slowly that tailgating is easy and common.

The gates are also kept open for about 2 hours during the morning and 2 hours in the evenings to prevent wear and tear on the gate mechanism.

A traffic arm would reduce tailgating significantly. The Silverlakes HOA is investigating the costs involved.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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