Sometimes it’s easy to get excited and caught up in a project. So much so that you’re willing to cut corners.

Sometimes you get caught cutting those corners.

That appears to be the case with the future Gateway Quick Mart which will be located at 12331 Towne Lake Drive in units 11 and 12.

Apparently the owners of the would-be convenience store decided not to wait for proper permitting from Lee County before beginning interior remodeling of their location. County inspectors received multiple complaints of work being done without a permit, so they sent an inspector.

The inspector confirmed that work was being performed without a permit during the evening and weekend hours, and they also discovered that a firewall had been improperly removed between units 11 and 12 in the building.

Look, there’s worse things in the world than wanting to get a head start on your project. Like many of you the Sun was aware of this code violation a month ago and we just didn’t bother writing about it. But as time went on more and more people kept drawing our attention to it.

County records show that there have been many code violations in Gateway for a variety of issues. The vast majority of them simply are not serious enough to write about. For whatever reason, this one got people’s attention.

Hopefully the Gateway Quick Mart will get its permit approval soon from Lee County and they can continue construction on their new store.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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