The Gateway Greens Home Owners Association has replaced their professional security service with … well … actual Gateway Greens home owners.


There are now home owners manning the guard house, verifying visitor credentials, doing patrols, all that.

If you live next door to one of these “guards”, do you really want your neighbor knowing every visitor you have? Do you really want your neighbor to eyeball you and wonder if you’re up to anything suspicious because that’s their job now?

Forget Big Brother, it’s Big Neighbor.

Speaking as someone whose own job is doing and co-ordinating deliveries to homes all over the area, I deal with guard houses every single day. The inexperience and lack of professionalism at Gateway Greens is obvious. For the last few days whenever I entered that community I found myself asking: where did they FIND these security guards?

At the HOA meeting, it turns out.

Hopefully as the new resident-guards gain experience they’ll develop their skills, but right now they’ve got the worst security operation in Fort Myers.

But really, what should we expect? They’ve removed the professional security company and replaced them with people who don’t have any background in that field.

We all understand that there’s going to be a learning curve and it’s only been a little over a week. But hopefully this article will reach those guards and they’ll come to understand one thing: their main job as security officers is to serve the residents, not to disrupt and monitor their lives.

Since the guards are residents themselves, you’d think they’d already understand that.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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