It’s a win for the Gateway Services Community Development District staff, but a loss for the very residents they serve.

Supervisor Rod Senior put forth a proposal at the GSCDD Board meeting on July 23, 2015 that would have seen each district staff member contribute $40 per month toward their skyrocketing health insurance premiums beginning May 1, 2016.

The rest of the Board wouldn’t even consider Senior’s idea.

Starting next May, Gateway residents will pay $10,441 annually for each district employee in health insurance premiums. The staff will continue to contribute nothing towards their ever-increasing insurance costs.

Senior’s proposal was based on Lee County’s staff health insurance plan which requires their employees to contribute $30.62 per month toward their insurance premiums.

When Senior put forth his motion, none of the other four Supervisors seconded it.

With nobody seconding the motion, it died without even being voted on. That means Chairman William Guy, Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg, Supervisor Gary Neubauer and Supervisor Pam Gill technically did not have to vote against Senior’s plan.

In fact, they didn’t even have to talk about the cost-saving proposal since the discussion phase only begins once a motion gets seconded.

Normally what happens is another Supervisor will second the motion with the caveat that they’re seconding only to begin the discussion. They signal to the residents that they may not actually support the motion, but that it deserves to be discussed. Nobody even offered Senior that courtesy in this case.

If you’re surprised the Board of Supervisors would ignore a simple and sensible way to save the residents some money, get used to it.

This Board, with the exception of Rod Senior, have been making it increasingly clear over the past few months that they feel it’s time to substantially increase GSCDD spending.


UPDATE: We received the following email from Supervisor Neubauer. The bold emphasis is from Neubauer himself and not something we added.

From: Gary L. Neubauer <>
Date: Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 10:41 AM
Subject: Re: Health insurance premium contributions by staff
To: Jeff Kuntz <>
Cc: Calvin Teague <>

I intend to ask Rod Senior (via the District Manager to adhere to the Sunshine Laws)  to please present this topic again at our next Board meeting, scheduled in the Agenda early-on, so that it will not appear at the “tail end” of a lengthy meeting, and will hopefully receive the full attention that it deserves. You will be able to see the individual reactions and comments from all Supervisors.

Jeff, Thanks for your observations.
Gary L. Neubauer


Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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