Not long after I moved to the Sunshine State my friends and family began asking me what advice I had for them about taking a trip to Walt Disney World.

After-all, I live in Florida. So I must be an expert on all things Disney. Everybody in Florida is.

Since I actually haven’t been there in about 8 years I typically muddle my way through the conversation trying to be helpful, but always fearing that I’m not really telling them anything useful.

But now, at long last, I have finally have a piece of great advice I can give to people who are planning to take a trip to Disney: Call Steven Fried.

Fried has been to Walt Disney World at least twenty times. He’s visited all of the themed resorts and he’s eaten at every single restaurant in the entire park. He’s been on a Disney Cruise, and he’s also gone to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

He knows Disney very well and he’s definitely the guy you should talk to if you’re thinking about taking a trip there.

In fact, recently Fried partnered with Ears To You Travel – an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner – so that means when you ask Steven for advice, you’re literally talking to a professional.

But let me get two things out of the way before I go any further. First, Steven isn’t paying us one penny for writing this article. He lives in Stoneybrook and the Sun is always looking to profile Gateway residents who have turned their passion in to a business venture. And second, I can’t stress enough that it doesn’t cost you any extra money to book a trip to Disney through Fried. His advice is free and based on his experience spanning decades of trips to Disney World, first with his parents and now with his wife and children.

Not only will getting Steven’s advice be free of charge, but having him help you plan your trip could save you money.

“Myself and other Disney travel agents are usually the first to hear about discounts and other promotions or can, at times, get discounts applied even after someone has already booked their trip! Our services as give a traveler an advocate, because, while these destinations are considered to be the most magical places on Earth, sometimes things are a little less than magical and it’s piece of mind to have someone in your corner resolving any issues,” said Fried.

If you’ve ever had anything go wrong on a vacation, you can appreciate the piece of mind that would come with having someone who knows the ins and outs of guest relations at Disney available to assist your family if something comes up on your trip to the Magic Kingdom, on a Disney Cruise or any other Disney adventure.

There are a thousand travel agents in Florida, I’m sure. But how many of them went to Disney over a dozen times in the past few years because they love to go there? Remember, Fried only joined Ears To You Travel earlier this year. His trips to Disney were vacations for his family – not for work.

If you’re taking a trip to Disney World would you want to talk to the person who’s experienced it mostly through reading brochures, or from someone who goes there every chance he gets because he enjoys it so much?

And besides, as Fried says, “Planning for a Disney trip can be overwhelming. So much to consider such as the different resorts, restaurants, time planning, etc. The fact that there is no cost to a client working with me gives a vacationer an expert’s insight and someone to do the legwork.”

I can remember my own two trips to Disney World with my kids. We literally just showed up. We had no plan and no idea of what we wanted to do beforehand. We had lots of fun but the place is so large that when you leave you realize there was so much that you didn’t get to do.

That’s why I think calling Steven will be beneficial whether you’re going for one day or for a week. Talking to someone who can offer suggestions and let you know about different opportunities can help make the most of the trip for your whole family.

Since I specifically asked him if he had any deals going right now, Fried told me (for a limited time) he’s giving a Disney gift card to people who book trips three nights or longer. It’s something he’s offering on his own, and not through his agency, so give him a call at 239-204-3783 or email him at for full details.

Next time your relatives from back home call you to ask you questions about Disney, do what I’m going to do from now on and give them Fried’s number.

And for your own family’s next Disney vacation, remember that we have an expert right here in Gateway. It certainly can’t hurt to see what ideas he has that can make your trip … magical. (Couldn’t resist.)

Please make sure to like and we wish Mr. Fried all the best in his new venture.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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