The Florida Department of Education released results from the 2015 Florida Standards Assessments for Algebra 1 (Grade 9 algebra, basically) and Grade 10 English Language Arts.

It’s not good news for Gateway Charter High School.

Across the entire state of Florida, 67% of students passed the Algebra 1 EOC (End Of Course) Assessment. In all of Lee County, 65% of students passed. Gateway Charter High School saw just 42% of its students get a passing grade.

It wasn’t quite as rough for the Grade 10 English Language Arts EOC, which saw 54% of Florida students, 52% of Lee County students and 46% of Gateway Charter students pass.

Clearly the results in English are poor, but at least they’re in the ballpark compared to county and state-wide scores.

However, the math result was absolutely awful.

Frankly, it’s unacceptable.

As a parent of three students at Gateway Charter it’s difficult to reconcile how seemingly 90% of the elementary students make honor roll each quarter, but only 42% of Grade 9 students can pass in math.

We’ll be reaching out to Principal Sara Abraham and to the Charter Schools USA representative in the local area for comment, but we don’t expect much more than boilerplate “we’re working hard to improve” responses.

That said, we’re going to ask some pretty specific questions and we’ll post the answers we get.

Please check back next week.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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