As we continue with the Supervisors’ report cards from the first half of 2015, we turn our attention to Seat #3, Supervisor Pamela Gill.

There really isn’t a lot to talk about when it comes to Gill, so this report card will have to be brief. But if you think I’m just writing the minimum I possibly can, then a) you don’t read this website often; and b) I invite you to check out the first two report cards at:

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As you can see I’m willing to put in the work. My question for Gill is … is she?

Pamela Gill: D

Having watched nearly every single moment of the meetings of the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District for the first half of this year, I honestly cannot recall a moment where Gill really stood out.

She seemed to prefer to let other people speak when it was her turn, then cast her vote with whichever way the rest of the Supervisors were going to vote.

Her one “notable” contribution so far in 2015 was that she was the Supervisor directly involved in selecting the staffs ridiculously expensive health insurance plan. Not a good look.

She did stand up to another Supervisor once in awhile I guess?

Gill was elected to Seat #3 in the November 2012 election when she defeated current Stoneybrook HOA President Joe Mikulka, with a vote count of 2340 to 1457. The first time I researched those numbers I was like – wow, solid win.

But now I’m wondering if people were just voting against Mikulka.

Gill’s term ends in November 2016, and if she chooses to run again I would probably recommend NOT voting for her. (Unless she’s running against Mikulka.)

My reason: Gill seems like a very nice person, but as the GSCDD faces a looming budget crisis, residents who are growing increasingly impatient, serious questions surrounding our amenities, and not to mention a massive problem with our ponds … the Board doesn’t need any passengers.

While Gill didn’t do much in the first half of 2015, there’s still the second half and beyond for her to make a difference in the commnity. I get the feeling that if she ever just said “HEY.” and put her foot down or was adamant about making a point, some of the other Supervisors would realize that since Gill never asserts herself the point she’s making must be very important.

I hope Gill realizes that her seat on the Board is no more or less influencial than anyone else’s and that she’s in a unique position to help get things done in Gateway. Her vote and voice carry just as much weight as anyone else on the Board, but it’s up to her to decide how she wants to use the opportunity the residents elected to give her.


The  next report card is Seat #4, Chairman William Guy, which will be published on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

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