The battle to be Gateway’s top Realtor is quickly heating up, and the ultimate winner will be homeowners.

Southwest Florida real estate titan Denny Grimes has chosen to make the Gateway market a priority for his firm, DG Global Real Estate Group.

In hindsight, Denny and his daughter Morgan Grimes have been telegraphing this move for months. On March 24, 2015 they hosted the Gateway Market Update seminar at Trinity Lutheran Church, and recently Morgan has been a key figure in the launch of the Gateway Business Leaders chapter of Business Network International.

Now the Grimes are going to be opening a real estate office that will also provide other business services at the old Summit Church building at the north corner of Gateway Boulevard and Fairway Lakes Drive.

The Sun was keeping the identity of the building’s new occupants a secret at out of respect for the Grimes’ efforts (and at their request), however a reader alerted us to some social media posts in which they revealed their plans themselves.

So just who is Denny Grimes?

Denny once sold over $150 million in real estate in just one year – roughly the equivalent of selling every home in Silverlakes, twice. His marketing is ubiquitous and in it he promises that if he cannot sell your home for a price you and he agree to, he will simply buy your home from you. After he lists some of his accomplishments in his commercials, Denny often says “but I’m not trying to brag, I’m applying for a job! I want to be your Realtor!”

He also claims in his marketing that he sells 10 times more real estate than the average Realtor. (We’re not sure how we would go about checking that, but based on what we know we believe him.)

One Realtor team that Denny won’t sell more than 10 times more than this year are Darin and Heather Maciaszek.

The Maciaszeks were Gateway’s top performing Realtors in 2014, a title that the Grimes will be competing hard to get.

In an interesting twist the the Grimes and Maciaszeks all used to work together at Royal Shell Real Estate. Denny and Morgan left Royal Shell earlier this year to form DG Global. The fact that everyone is familiar with each other is an interesting dynamic, and it will be fascinating to watch the Maciaszeks and Grimes compete for listings in our community.

For newer or less-established Realtors who are trying to build in Gateway, Denny Grimes coming to town is probably the worst thing that could happen. Competition was already difficult enough, and now they’re also competing against a man who has media juggernaut Glenn Beck and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran doing commercials for him.

Grimes is also the keynote speaker at the News-Press Market Watch each year, an event in which 1,000 to 2,000 real estate professionals attend to listen to what Grimes and other speakers have to say about what the upcoming year in SWFL real estate sales is expected to look like.

He’s the real deal, and now with his new office in the heart of Gateway, needless to say every Realtor in Gateway will need to step up their game.

Speaking about their new office, Morgan Grimes told the Sun, “Denny Grimes and I are excited about ‘re-opening’ Gateway’s Sales and Information Center. Not many people remember, but that building was the first sales and information center for Gateway 25 years ago and Denny was part of the original sales team. Denny witnessed first hand the benefit of a central information location, one in which prospective buyers could go to have all of their real estate and community questions answered. Our goal with the new center is to display all the real estate choices available within Gateway and be knowledgeable about all of them. We believe this will give buyers more confidence in making a buying decision inside of Gateway. We will also be displaying information about the many businesses inside of Gateway in order to promote commerce within the community.”

Bottom-line, Denny Grimes investing in Gateway is a good sign for the local real estate market.

He obviously must feel that our community presents a strong opportunity for his firm, and it will also increase competition among brokers – which is a very good thing.

The address of DG Global Real Estate Group’s future office in Gateway is 11900 Fairway Lakes Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

For more information about Denny, Morgan or DG Global, please visit

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