As first reported by, a new Subway restaurant will be opening at 12331 Towne Lake Boulevard in the near future. A reader told us they’ve seen equipment and fixtures that look like it would belong in a Subway in unit 10 of that building. Another reader told us they recently saw a Subway truck in the parking lot.

On the website, the store locator lists that address as a location that is “Opening Soon!”

The Gateway Sun has discovered who the owner of the new Subway restaurant is. Since we haven’t spoken to them, we’re choosing not to reveal the owner’s identity at this time.

But we will tell you that it’s a resident of Gateway Greens.

So it’s one of our neighbors that’s opening the restaurant – and that’s great.

Not that there’s anything wrong with some faceless corporation based in upstate New York who opens Subway franchises all over the country merely as investments, but in those cases the owners tend not to care as much about the communities they enter as much as the residents who live there.

It’s nice to know that this Subway will be operated by someone who lives in Gateway and has chosen to increase their involvement in the community.

We wish them all the best!

UPDATE: We just noticed the graphic for this image lists the street name as Town Lake Drive. That was “cut and pasted” directly from the website, spelling error included. The street name is, of course, Towne Lake Drive.

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