The issue of the removal of the Royal Palms on Gateway Boulevard is on the agenda for tomorrow’s GSCDD Board of Supervisors meeting.

But not so it can be stopped.

Instead, it’s on the agenda so that the GSCDD staff can ask the Supervisors for permission to “finalize the proposed agreement in whatever form is acceptable to Lee County.”






By the looks of these two memos, Lee County isn’t playing around when they say they want all but 9 of the Royal Palms gone.

It seems the best chance to keep the Royal Palms will be to convince the Supervisors not to turn the roads over to Lee County.

If residents want to accomplish that, they will have to do so in the Public Comments portion of the board meeting which takes place near the beginning of the session.

This may be their last chance.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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