There’s good news for both current and potential homeowners in Gateway.

A quick look at real estate statistics for the area shows that both home values and units sold have been trending upward for the past 5 years.

For more in-depth (and far more professional) analysis of the housing market in Gateway, we reached out to Realtors who live in our community.

Stoneybrook residents Heather and Darin Maciaszek work as a Realtor team with with Royal Shell Real Estate. The couple sold $6.7 million worth of homes in Gateway in 2013 and increased that number to $8.5 million in 2014.

Based on information available to the Sun, the Maciaszeks were the top Realtors in the Gateway market last year.

“The average residential sales price in Gateway went up roughly 16% from the year 2012 to the year 2013. The trend continued in 2014 with another increase of around 6%. Making the total sales price increase over the two years 22% in Gateway alone,” said Heather Maciaszek.

Continued Maciaszek, “Over the same period of time the number of real estate transactions within Gateway has remained extremely consistent, averaging 341 agent brokered closings a year. In fact going back as far as 2009 that same statistic averages out to 346 transactions a year. Which is certainly an improvement over the 205 agent brokered real estate closings in Gateway in 2008. Comparing these two statistics, these are very promising numbers for Gateway homeowners.”

Hampton Park resident and Realtor with Century 21 Sunbelt Realty, Nate Chapman, is equally encouraged and offered his perspective looking at real estate sales data from an entirely different angle.

“There is no doubt that real estate is back everywhere especially in Gateway. This month, versus six months ago in October of 2014, median home prices are up by about 2%. Now while that number might not blow you away, the ‘why’ behind it will,” said Chapman.

Chapman explains: “In October of 2014, Gateway only had 8 months of inventory, meaning, that if no new homes went on the market inventory would be depleted in 8 months. As of this month we have – wait for it – 16 months worth of inventory!”

It seems like a win-in.

Obviously with the amount of available real estate inventory doubling in just 6 months, sellers must be feeling that the time finally is right to get maximum value for their homes. At the same time, there’s plenty of selection available to buyers.

For Chapman, he feels that with the increased inventory fueled by seller confidence, pricing the home is more important than ever and he has a message for buyers:

“If you are thinking of buying, stop thinking and take action. With continuing low mortgage rates this is the best time for buyers to be able to get into Gateway.”

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