We’d like to take this opportunity to do some “house cleaning” and put out there some of the pieces of news that perhaps may not warrant a full article.

On January 31, 2015 we made the following statement about the possibility of a Publix coming to Gateway: “We’ve heard that [a Publix] will be built just outside of Gateway on the property owned by the airport. We’ve also heard there will be more to the development than just a Publix, so you can take that for what it’s worth.

On March 5, 2015 LifeInGateway.com advanced the ball significantly by posting this on their website:

North American Properties, developer of the Forum (Fort Myers), Northpoint (Cape Coral) and the Center of Bonita Springs shopping center, wants to be the anchor tenant of a strip mall located across the street from JetBlue Park. North American Properties has developed 19+ million square feet of retail space with 1.5+ million square feet of retail space in development. North American Properties is currently in lease negotiations with the Lee County Port Authority, as the proposed site lies on Southwest Florida International Airport land.

LifeInGateway.com is operated by Gateway-based Realtors Heather and Darin Maciaszek of Royal Shell Real Estate. We’ll try to scoop them if we can about the airport land development, but the reality is LifeInGateway.com are a far better source of information than we are on this topic and many others. You should follow them on Facebook and check out their website several times per week. I check it out daily.


I had a discussion with one Gateway resident who had been trying to get answers from the GSCDD Supervisors but never could get them to respond. How responsive has the GSCDD been to the Sun? Here’s the answer. Note that a responsive answer is one that answers the question and is on time (or close enough).

At 100% responsiveness to the Gateway Sun are:
Diane Collins, GSCDD staff (2/2)
William Guy, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (3/3)
Melissa Lambros, GSCDD staff (1/1)
Rod Senior, Supervisor (5/5)

Somewhat responsive to the Gateway Sun:
Pamela Gill, Supervisor (1/2)

Never responsive to the Gateway Sun:
Scott Connell, Operations Manager (0/1)
Margaret Fineberg, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (0/2)
Gary Neubauer, Supervisor (0/3)

Connell and Neubauer (in 2/3 cases for Gary) at least acknowledged the questions we sent them. They just didn’t bother to answer them.

We do not necessarily feel as though any person listed above owes our website any answers to any questions we ask. If they want to “big time” the Sun (behave as though they’re too good to answer our questions), that’s their right. As you can see it’s not as if we inundate anybody with questions on a daily basis.


Speaking of questions I’d like to ask the GSCDD, that main one I would like to publicly pose to each of the Supervisors would be: Does your property have a lake connected to it?

Not that I’m suggesting anything sinister with the lake bank restoration money that’s bound to be spent, but I think residents deserve to know which Supervisors would benefit directly from that project. If the Supervisor’s apparent wishes proceed then there are a lot of people who don’t live on lakes that are going to be shelling out more than $1,000 each to fix up lakes on other people’s land.


The spring seasons for both Gateway Flag Football and the Gateway Soccer Association are underway. Ed Ryan (football), Mark Allision (soccer) and all their volunteers deserve a ton of credit and support for the work they put in so our community’s kids can have well-run programs to be a part of.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures of the players and cheerleaders popping up on Facebook lately. Again, I think the community owes Ed and Mark a debt of gratitude.


Getting back to the GSCDD for a minute, we published a submission from Supervisor Rod Senior on our website about lake bank erosion. But he wasn’t the only Supervisor to reply to our request for comment. Chairman William Guy did as well, and here’s what he said about spending millions to fix Gateway’s lakes:

“Your GSCDD supervisors are not interested in spending any of your money without a good reason. Our lakes (storm water retention ponds) are a necessary asset to the community. They have been neglected for years and now must be dealt with so that the banks do not wash into the water leaving little or no back yards. Water quality also needs to be dealt with so that algae and bad smells are removed. This all will be expensive but residents want to enjoy their property when they own it and get top dollar for it when they sell. Much additional info is available if you want it.”


Lastly, I would like to report that my $100 parking fine payment has already been sent in. I was urged to hold off paying as long as possible and then also encouraged to fight the fine based on the ridiculousness of a $100 fine (with no warning) for tires touching a lawn.

It really wasn’t the ticket itself that bugged me.

If I had a problem with the ticket I would have wrote about it 1 or 2 days after receiving it decrying how unfair it was to get a ticket for that reason. I only wrote an article after almost 3 weeks of trying unsuccessfully to get proof sent to me, and being misled by whoever I spoke to at the Statewide Security office certainly didn’t help.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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