In an analysis of staffing levels of the Gateway Services Community Development District, it was deemed in a report to the GSCDD Board of Supervisors that the team of people who manage Gateway on a day-to-day basis could use some additional help.

The human resources review was overseen by District Manager Calvin Teague who works for Gateway’s management company, Severn Trent.

Teague enlisted the help of Bob Koncar, a general manager with Severn Trent, to help complete the review process.

Koncar’s role was to identify what each GSCDD staff member spent their time working on, and in some cases he commented on the specific qualifications of the staff member.

Things seemed straight forward with the majority of the GSCDD’s paid staff positions, however as one might expect there were a few issues.

Koncar seemed to express concern for the Utility Director position for which he said: “The Utility Director identified concerns or issues as a lack of any formal organization, a lack of organizational goals, that the organization is too reactive and not proactive. He also expressed concern of not understanding what he is expected to do or why.”

Koncar also feels that the Fiscal Analyst is doing more than she should be, or more specifically that she is doing additional duties that are outside of her job description.

While there was no concern expressed in his part of the report, Koncar noted that an employee named Elle Harris was responsible for Gateway’s natural resources, the landscaping, parks and recreation, and that Harris also helps out with safety training.

Concluding his analysis, Koncar recommended some small changes to job descriptions and and job titles be made, but his most important statement was that he felt the Utility Department was understaffed.

In Teague’s section of the report he passed along the sentiments of the GSCDD staff that were interviewed for this process, and the over-all feeling is that the staff believes they need more help to meet the demands of Gateway’s residents. The staff also shared their frustration when residents feel as though the particular problem the resident is experiencing should instantly become the GSCDD’s top priority.

The report went on to discuss some options to address the staffing issues, one of which was to hire a Recreation Manager who would take over the parks and recreation management duties along with the landscaping and safety training. This would allow Harris to focus more on Gateway’s environmental issues.

Teague indicates in the report that the GSCDD Board of Supervisors had already put this new position in Gateway’s 2015 budget and states that he agrees with the need to make this hire.

In terms of the staffing short-falls on the utility side, Teague says that the problems aren’t even totally understood at this time and Teague recommends the District Engineer do a comprehensive evaluation of the utility system before making any staffing decisions in that area.

Teague also said that if the Supervisors still aren’t sure what to do it might be worthwhile to hire a professional human resources firm to go over the GSCDD’s staffing levels and have them make recommendations.

The Supervisors will need to study the staffing problem and may provide some direction at the February 19, 2015 board meeting.

It’s obvious that the current GSCDD staff and Teague are in agreement that additional employees will be required to help keep Gateway running smoothly.

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