BOGO Item Savings Item Description
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 3.39 Assorted Varieties- 4.3- 4.5- 6- or 6.3-oz box
Assorted Pepsi Products 2.05 2-L bot.
Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts 5.49 Assorted Varieties- 10-oz pkg.
Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7.79 17-oz bot.
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Pasta 1.95 Or Hamburger- Tuna- or Chicken Helper- Assorted Varieties- 4.4 to 12.2-oz box
Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese 2.89 Small Curd: Low Fat or Smooth & Creamy; or Large Curd 2% Milkfat Lowfat or 30% Less
Butterball Turkey Sausage Link or Patty NOTPRICED 10-oz pkg.
BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water NOTPRICED view details Print
Del Monte California Tomatoes 1.65 Assorted Varieties- 14.5-oz can
Del Monte Vegetables 1.55 Selected Varieties- 11 to 15.25-oz can
Duncan Hines Cake Mix 2.89 Assorted Varieties- 16 or 16.5-oz box
Entenmann’s Donuts 5.39 Assorted Varieties- 8-ct. 15 to 17.5-oz box
General Mills Cheerios Cereal 4.39 Plus Ancient Grains- 11.6-oz box
Good Cook Oven Fresh Stoneware Mug 3.99 With Lid- Red- 16-oz box
Gorton’s Fish Fillets 4.65 Or Sticks- Assorted Varieties- 6.3 to 11.4-oz pkg.
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 2.05 Assorted Varieties- 7 to 10-oz pkg.
Halls Cough Drops 1.89 Or Suppressant- Assorted Varieties- 30-ct. bag
Hofmann Beef Franks 5.69 Or German- Skinless; or Natural Casing: German or Snappy- 16-oz pkg.
Hot or Lean Pockets 2.69 Or Croissant Pockets- Assorted Varieties- 9-oz box
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies 3.59 Or Country Style- Soft Batch- Simply Made- or Sandies Shortbread- Assorted Varieties- 10 to
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal 4.09 10.5 or 14.7-oz- or Honey Smacks- 15.3-oz- or Corn Pops- 12.5-oz box
Kellogg’s Fruit Flavored Snacks 2.99 Assorted Varieties- 8 or 9-oz box
Kellogg’s On-the-Go Cereal NOTPRICED 8-ct. 7.2-oz box
La Famiglia DelGrosso Pasta Sauce 6.99 Assorted Varieties- 16.9 or 26-oz jar
LIFESTYLE AWARENESS TEA 3.39 Assorted Varieties- 20-ct. box
McCormick Chili Seasoning Mix 1.59 Assorted Varieties- 1.25-oz pkg.
Melitta Cone Coffee Filters 3.99 #4: White or Natural Brown- 100-ct. pkg.
Mezzetta Pepperoncini 1.99 Imported Greek Golden or Express! Deli-Sliced: Tamed Jalapeño Peppers or Mild Pepper Rings
Mueller’s Pasta 1.69 Or Hidden Veggie Pasta Blend- Assorted Varieties- 12 to 16-oz box
Nabisco Toasted Chips 3.69 Or Wheat Thins Toasted Pita or Popped Chips- Assorted Varieties- 4.5 or 8.1-oz bag
Nabisco Variety Pack Cookies or Crackers 6.69 Or Single Serve Trays or Handi-Snacks- Assorted Varieties- 10 to 15-ct. 9 to 25.2-oz pkg.
Palermo’s Primo Thin Pizza 6.99 Or Flatbread- Assorted Varieties- 8.7 to 16.55-oz box
Pedigree Food for Dogs 4.49 Or Puppies- Assorted Varieties- 3.5-lb bag
Pedigree Food for Dogs NOTPRICED Or Puppies- Assorted Varieties- 3.5-lb bag
Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread 3.99 Assorted Varieties- 22 or 24-oz loaf
Pop-Secret Premium Popcorn 5.45 Assorted Varieties- 6 to 10-ct. 11.2 to 30.4-oz pkg. or 30-oz jar
Post Great Grains Cereal 4.09 Or Selects- Selected Varieties- 12.5 to 16-oz box
Propel Zero Water Beverage 4.45 Nutrient Enhanced- Assorted Varieties- 6-pk. 500-mL bot.
Purina Beggin’ Dog Snacks 4.15 Assorted Varieties- 6 or 7-oz pouch
Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks NOTPRICED Assorted Varieties- 7.4 or 8.4-oz pkg.
Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food NOTPRICED With Ocean Fish & Salmon- With Savory Chicken & Turkey- or Filet Mignon Flavor With
Russell Stover Chocolates 9.99 Or Mint Patties- Truffles- Pecan Delights- Coconut Cluster- Cherry Cordials- Creams- or
Small Fruit or Custard Pies 5.79 Any Size Package of Equal or Lesser Price Assorted Varieties- Try a New Flavor- Baked F
Smithfield Boneless Ham Steak 3.59 Maple Flavored or Honey Cured- 8-oz pkg.
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps 3.29 Assorted Varieties- A Great Snack- Located in the Publix Deli- 7.2-oz pkg.
Stayfree Maxi Pads 3.45 24-ct. pkg. or Ultra Thin- 14 to 22-ct. pkg.- Assorted Varieties
Steak-umm Beef Sandwich Steaks NOTPRICED 21-oz pkg.
Swanson Broth 2.69 Assorted Varieties- 32-oz ctn.
Tena Serenity Bladder Protection Pads 5.19 Assorted Varieties- 14 to 30-ct. pkg.
Trapiche Oak Cask Cabernet Sauvignon Wine 11.99 Or Oak Cask Malbec- 750-mL bot.
Valley Fresh Chicken Breast 3.45 In Water- With Rib Meat- 100% Natural- 10-oz can
Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 3.95 Assorted Varieties- 64-oz bot.
Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats 1.79 Or Temptations Tumblers- Assorted Varieties- 2.1 to 3-oz pouch
ZEPHYRHILLS 100% NATURAL SPRING WATER 3.09 Sport Bottles- 6-pk. 700-mL bot.
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